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Treat yourself to a massage in Algund/Lagundo – relaxation guaranteed!

Let yourself be pampered by our team of specialists.

After a long, eventful day in the fresh air, the best way to relax is with a massage in your holiday hotel, DAS DORNER ****s in Algund/Lagundo.

A massage really helps you relax and soothes the soul. Massages also have a calming effect, relax over-worked muscles and moisturise the skin. 

Browse through our range of offers – we're sure that you will find the right massage in Algund/Lagundo here!

Classic massages

Personalized full body massage
Promotes circulation and relaxes tense muscles.

approx. 50 mins.EUR 75.00

Full body massage with OrchideAlpina®  body butter
Has an intensive moisturising effect and smells particularly nice.

approx. 50 mins. EUR 75.00

Full body massage with aromatherapy oil
Selected oils pamper the skin and make it silky-soft. 

approx. 50 mins.EUR 70.00

Back and foot zone massage

approx. 50 mins.EUR 70.00

Back massage

approx. 40 mins.EUR 55.00

Special massages

Draining full body massage
Tissue is purified during this stroking massage as it stimulates the lymphatic pathways.

approx. 50 mins.EUR 60.00

Hot balm candle system
Discover this new style of massage which cares for the skin and increases your feeling of well-being. The butter which is used to make the special massage candles is created using coconut, aloe vera, cocoa, soya, shea and almonds and contains natural active ingredients which care for and nourish the skin. This massage in Algund/Lagundo offers pure indulgence!
You can buy candles for at home in our Beauty Shop.

approx. 50 mins.EUR 69.00

Foot zone massage with foot bath
An energetic foot zone massage stimulates your body's ability to heal itself and releases inner tension. It promotes circulation and purifies the body. It also strengthens the immune systems and restores your inner harmony. 

approx. 50 mins.EUR 62.00

Hot stone massage
Muscle tension is released using the warmth of the basalt stones which are placed on the body and are also used to massage with warm oils. This full body massage which originates from Asia activates the flow of energy in the body and has a very relaxing effect.

approx. 75 mins.EUR 85.00

Pantha Jama – herbal stamp massage
With its herbs and essential oils, Pantha Jama is highly effective against tension. It activates the body's ability to heal itself, strengthens the immune system and boosts the metabolism. Complete relaxation – with this massage in Algund/Lagundo!

approx. 75 mins.EUR 82.00


The unique holistic haki® method is ideal for people with a tendency to overthink, and it is performed in the water or on the massage bench by trained therapists. This treatment has received multiple awards and it focuses on the shoulders, neck and head. It diminishes pressure, donates strength to the body and ensures an overall positive mood. In order for the effect to last, guests should continue to perform three exercises at home.

haki® Stretch & Relax 
Shoulders, neck and head are made to resonate with concerted pulling, pressure and stretching; in order to ground the body, also the feet may be treated. The result is harmony in the nervous and muscular system, inner balance and regeneration.

50 min.74,00 Euro

haki® Sacral 
Tensions in the back, between the lumber vertebrae and the buttocks are loosened – by exerting gentle pressure, by stretching and vibrations. This way, the nerves in the lumbar area, the sacrum and the buttocks as well as the muscles generally will relax, and the body’s self-healing powers activated.

25 min.45,00 Euro

haki® Purna

The whole body is treated with haki grips, in order for it to be balanced again. The result is a pleasant feeling o fit being stretched and activated. The perfect treatment for people working in offices or for sportspeople.

80 min.110,00 Euro

haki® Flow
Shoulders, neck and head, but also the spine and pelvis are stretched, pulled and brought to rotation. This treatment is performed in water, the body is perceptibly elongated. For a feeling of lightness thanks to the healing powers of water.

50 min.95,00 Euro

Special Back massages

Hot Stone intense back massage

approx. 30 mins. EUR 39.00

Honey massage (intense back massage)
The honey massage has long-standing tradition in Tibet and Russia. It has a tightening, circulation-boosting effect and the body is detoxified and revived.
Not suitable for people who are allergic to bees or men with abundant body hair on their backs.

approx. 45 mins. EUR 65.00


Abhyanga – ayurvedic full body massage
Has a revitalising, strengthening effect and tightens and purifies tissue – your skin will look radiant again after this massage in Algund/Lagundo!

approx. 50 mins.EUR 78.00

Garshan – ayurvedic silk glove massage
This full body massage where the masseuse wears wild-silk gloves has the effect of a peel – dead cells are removed from the skin and its natural silkiness is restored, making it smoother and tighter. Stimulates circulation and the metabolism and boosts lymph flow. A real blessing!    

approx. 30 mins.EUR 40.00

Mukabhyanga – ayurvedic face massage
This partial massage increases your feeling of well-being and cares for the skin using warm oils. The circulation is stimulated, headaches and everyday troubles are eased and you will be able to sleep better. Relax with this massage in Algund/Lagundo!

approx. 25 mins.EUR 40.00

Teenie & Kids

Short aromatherapy oil massage for children and teenagers

approx. 25 mins.EUR 25.00

Chocolate massage for children and teenagers

approx. 20 mins.EUR 20.00
approx. 40 mins.EUR 35.00

Hot stone – back massage for children and teenagers

approx. 25 mins.EUR 30.00