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The haki® method

haki® massages

haki® Stretch & Relax 
Shoulders, neck and head are made to resonate with concerted pulling, pressure and stretching; in order to ground the body, also the feet may be treated. The result is harmony in the nervous and muscular system, inner balance and regeneration.

50 min.74,00 Euro

haki® Sacral 
Tensions in the back, between the lumber vertebrae and the buttocks are loosened – by exerting gentle pressure, by stretching and vibrations. This way, the nerves in the lumbar area, the sacrum and the buttocks as well as the muscles generally will relax, and the body’s self-healing powers activated.

25 min.45,00 Euro

haki® Purna

The whole body is treated with haki grips, in order for it to be balanced again. The result is a pleasant feeling o fit being stretched and activated. The perfect treatment for people working in offices or for sportspeople.

80 min.110,00 Euro

haki® Flow
Shoulders, neck and head, but also the spine and pelvis are stretched, pulled and brought to rotation. This treatment is performed in water, the body is perceptibly elongated. For a feeling of lightness thanks to the healing powers of water.

50 min.95,00 Euro