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A facial in Algund/Lagundo cleanses and cares for the skin

Do something good for your skin – the finest facials

In summer or in winter, a facial at DAS DORNER ****s in Algund/Lagundo is highly recommended. Skin is put under strain due to the cold or the heat the whole year round and needs special care and cleansing.

The facials in Algund/Lagundo are just right for this – you can't start early enough with this care, which is why we also offer treatments for children and for teenagers who often have oily skin.

Make use of the wide range of offers for facials in Algund/Lagundo – your skin will thank you for it!

All facials can be booked with eyebrow or eyelash tinting and day or night-time make-up.

A pre-treatment is recommended before every facial treatment: the skin will be thoroughly cleaned, relieved from skin cells and thus optimally prepared for the upcoming treatment.

ENZYMACID is a 3D peeling treatment with eight different acid derivates. It stimulates the natural skin regeneration and provides the skin with lasting moisture, it clears and helps against inflammations and scars. It is perfect for the treatment of unpure skin and provides a clear, fresh and smooth teint. The treatment is not suitable for open skin areas.

Individual facial treatment for ladies and gentlemen

Whether dry, sensitive, coupe rose or impure skin, our team discusses you individually. 

Cleaning – peeling – serum - massage – mask – eyebrow correction – final care - deep cleansing if required 

approx. 90 mins.EUR 105,00
With eyes treatment approx. 110 mins.EUR 135,00

Anti Age - Facial treatment

Intensive regeneration of ripe and paled skin. Stimulates deeply the metabolism of the cells and supplies the skin with the nutrients which are unavoidable for a youthful radiation. The skin looks more fresh and younger and receives a persistent improvement of the elasticity.

Cleaning - peeling – serum - massage - mask - eyebrow correction - final care - deep cleansing if required 

approx. 90 mins.EUR 125,00
With eyes treatment: approx. 100 mins.EUR 155,00

Luxury for the eyes - Eye treatment

This treatment especially for the ocular part reduced swelling, is relaxing and tightens, reduce eye bags and dark circles.

Cleaning - eyebrow correction - serum - eye massage - eye mask - final care 

approx. 40 mins.EUR 55,00

Facial with deep cleansing for teenagers (up to the age of 14)

During puberty, many teenagers suffer due to their oily skin. A facial can remedy this. We also show teenagers useful tips and tricks as to how they can care for their skin at home and protect it against impurities.

approx. 50 mins.EUR 50.00

Treat yourself to a facial in Algund/Lagundo and feel as good as new!