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Do something good for yourself with a body treatment in South Tyrol

The range of offers at DAS DORNER ****s will win you over.

Do something good for your body and let yourself be pampered with a body treatment in South Tyrol. It is tightened, purified and moisturised; cellulite is reduced and the water is removed from swollen legs – you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a body treatment in South Tyrol!

OSMO-THERMY – Body peel with sea salt and heat pack

This treatment with salt from Guérande purifies, detoxifies, removes water from the tissue and promotes the break-down of fatty deposits.

Parts of the body which have become looser are tightened; skin is smoothed and made soft and tender.

approx. 65 mins.EUR 70.00

SLIM & LIFT – Tightening body treatment

A treatment which supports the break-down of fat in the whole body. The skin is tightened, stretch marks are reduced, water is removed from the body and it is purified. You will want to show off your figure – thanks to this highly effective body treatment in South Tyrol.

approx. 80 mins.EUR 85.00


Fatty deposits and cellulite are combated with this treatment which uses a method similar to ultrasound

approx. 75 mins.EUR 80.00

INSULINOL – Anti cellulite treatment

Fat cells are reduced and emptied and fat storage is reduced. Parts of the body which have become looser are tightened and regenerated. The stomach, legs and bottom are targeted and treated effectively.

approx. 75 mins. EUR 80.00

Ice wrap for the legs

The circulation in heavy, swollen legs is stimulated and your legs feel light and fresh.

approx. 45 mins.EUR 47.00

Chocolate treatment

A full body treatment with a wonderful chocolatey aroma which tightens and relaxes the skin.

approx. 65 mins.EUR 70.00


A peeling, a relaxation massage and pack with orchid extract from South Tyrol moisturises the whole body.

approx. 65 mins.EUR 72.00

Make use of the wide range of body treatments on offer in South Tyrol and do something good for your body!