Fine wines recommended by our sommelier

Your indulgent holiday near Meran/Merano

Our motto when it comes to wine is: "Life is too short to drink bad wine."
A proper indulgent holiday near Meran/Merano does not just include a diverse range of spa facilities and leisure activities, it also includes good food accompanied by great wine

Our sommelier Andrea Pircher is happy to advise you on which wine is best suited to the flavours in your exquisite dishes; host Egon Götsch is also knowledgeable on the subject and is happy to assist you at any time. 

Immerse yourself in the world of oenology and expand your knowledge when it comes to bouquets and finishes. Taste the fine notes of different wines and surrender yourself completely to this indulgent experience. 

Your indulgent holiday near Meran/Merano is enriched by another highlight in the form of advice on wine which completes and finishes off the best time of the year.

We want to share our excitement for good food, fine wine and a fantastic spa experience  with our comprehensive pampering programme, so that you can go home feeling happy and relaxed and look back on your indulgent holiday near Meran/Merano with fond memories.