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Discover South Tyrol's specialities

In the small paradise of South Tyrol

South Tyrol is always a paradise, for its inhabitants but also for its guests, many of whom come back year after year because they like South Tyrol so much. There is a good reason for this: The paradise of South Tyrol is incredibly rich in traditions which vary from district to district, valley to valley and village to village.

This diversity enriches the people's culture and is also very popular with guests. There is something special to experience at every time of year, such as the wide range of customs which are a real highlight. From a culinary perspective, there are also many festivals and events with a long-standing tradition which take place year after year. 

The paradise of South Tyrol guarantees a deep insight into culture, tradition and customs and will keep surprising you with new aspects of its many sides.
Here you will find a selection of South Tyrolean specialities, in particular culinary delicacies. 

"Törggelen" at DAS DORNER

Every year in October, DAS DORNER ****s holds its "Törggele" evening – a small autumn highlight for our guests. 

Törggelen is an old farming tradition which is celebrated at the end of the grape harvest in autumn. It is mainly about tasting the young wine – called "Sußer" – which has only just begun to ferment. 

From a culinary point of view, Törggelen has farmer-style home cooking to offer – typical dishes such as barley soup, "Schlachtplatte" (various sausage and meat dishes) with sauerkraut and dumplings, "Schlutzkrapfen" (a regional pasta dish) or Kaminwurze sausages and smoked ham are served. 

To finish off this delight for your taste buds there are sweet doughnuts with jam and nuts or poppy seed fillings and, of course, roasted chestnuts which taste fantastic with a little butter. 

A culinary journey through the small paradise of South Tyrol!

South Tyrolean smoked ham

If you think about South Tyrol and its typical foods, South Tyrolean smoked ham is certainly one of the specialities which first comes to mind.

The production of smoked ham has long tradition in this region. The paradise of South Tyrol which, geographically speaking, lies between the northern and Mediterranean climate, benefits from these unique climate conditions

Visit a mountain hut or a wine tavern for a hearty snack and enjoy this South Tyrolean speciality. And why not take back a good piece of farmer's ham from one of South Tyrol's historic butchers so that your loved ones at home can enjoy it too? They are sure to love it!